Have you just started playing badminton but you’re unsure of what to bring with you? You’re in the right place! Below, we list the things you will need so you are prepared for anything that may occur during the course of your time playing. 

Badminton Racket

You can’t play badminton without a racket. They come in all sizes to fit various comfort levels and needs. Many people choose to have more than one racket, in case the strings on one break. 

Badminton Shoes

Many people think wearing regular running shoes will do when playing badminton. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have shoes specifically made for badminton. Badminton shoes have a cushion and lateral support that will prevent you from getting injured while playing. 


Scissors can be useful for a number of things, such as:
– Opening up new gear
– Cut strings off rackets
– Grip trimming


Lightweight clothing is recommended when playing badminton. Having several dry-fit or cotton shirts in your bag will be convenient when you find yourself soaked in sweat. Badminton shorts are usually shorter to allow for freer movement while on the court. Your socks should also be on the thicker side as they provide more cushion for your feet and reduce the chances of developing blisters. 


Towels are great to have to wipe away sweat, as you don’t want the court to be covered in your sweat while you play. Water on the court is dangerous for you and others as there is a higher chance for a slip and fall. You should have some plastic bags with you to throw any dirty clothing/towels into during the game. 

Extra Grip

There is nothing better than a freshly wrapped grip. You should have an extra grip on you so you can change it whenever it wears out and will also give you better control of the racket. 

Sports Tape

While playing, you may feel some joint or muscle pain. It is a good idea to have sports tape with you to tape the area and avoid any unwanted injuries. You can also use sports tape to tape around blistered areas.

Water and Snacks

Badminton is a very physically demanding game and tournaments can last all day. Sometimes, you won’t have time to grab a bite, so having snacks on you like chocolate and granola bars can help you get through the day. You should always have water and snacks on you to keep your energy levels up and prevent dehydration. 

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