Custom clothing requires special care so that they remain in great condition for a very long time. This includes washing them in a specific way so that they don’t get damaged in the process and continue to keep their appearance and shape. 

One of the easiest things you can do is to read the label on the garment. Many people choose to ignore this, which is a big mistake because it can have important care and washing instructions that you will benefit from. Read what it says and follow their recommendations so that you don’t ruin the garment. The required water temperature will be featured on the label and, in most cases, custom clothing is designed to be washed in cold water because hot water is hard on clothes and can lead to damage. The heat will cause the fibres to weaken, so your clothes will look worn out after only a couple of washes. 

You have to be extra careful if the garment has embroidery because it is delicate and can warp and curl if the proper care and washing techniques are not applied. A great way of protecting them is to place embroidered garments in lingerie bags or pillowcases and washing them on a gentle cycle. If you want to apply the best care possible, wash your custom embroidered clothes by hand. Keep the clothes flat and never squeeze the embroidered area because it will lead to damage and look wrinkly once it is dry. Another form of protection is to wash your clothes inside out because when they face inward, the designs will not rub up against the other garments and will remain in its original condition. 

Custom garments cannot be washed with chemicals as they are delicate and will not be able to stand up to harsh products. Bleach should never be used when washing custom clothes because it will cause the fibres to break down. Both colour-safe bleaches and traditional chlorine bleaches should be avoided because the garments will not be able to handle these harsh chemicals and the result will not be pretty. Your clothes will fade and become discoloured, so stay away from them completely. 

Once your custom clothes have been washed, hang each article of clothing on its own to dry. If you have something that is heavy, then lay it flat to dry. Do not place them in the dryer because it will ruin the clothes and cause them to look wrinkly. Designs will crack and fade, so don’t use the dryer unless you must, in which case you need to leave the garments inside out and put in on the lowest heat setting possible. 

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