Tri-blend shirts are made of three different materials consisting of cotton, polyester and rayon and because of how great they look when decorated, they have become a very popular option for those who require apparel printing. The fabric in these shirts is very soft and comfortable making it a great choice when considering what to wear in addition to the decorating aspect.

If you are considering printing on tri-blend shirts, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, so here is some information you should know before you send this type of shirt to a decorator.

You may experience curing and dye challenges if the ink is not cured at the proper temperature. Screenprint inks are generally heat-cured meaning the shirts need to be placed through a dryer in order for the ink to cure properly. Standard inks cure at around 320 degrees but the issue with this temperature is that the dyes can stain the screen printing inks with the shirt’s dye colour because the poly fibres are sublimated to a gas that travels through the ink. An experienced printing company will use low-bleed inks specifically designed to prevent this issue known as dye migration. Curing these inks at a lower temperature will prevent the dye from bleeding into the ink so that the shirt looks perfect and professionally done.

Distortion is another issue that can arise when screen printing on tri-blend shirts and this can occur because of the shirt stretchiness that may cause the image to become distorted. In order to prevent this from happening extra care must be taken, which is why most printers will charge a higher price for prints on tri-blend shirts because the process is longer. Loading the shirts onto the table and removing them in a way where the image is not ruined is a delicate process that requires more work. Physically, the materials of a tri-blend shirt are more difficult to work with because the rayon makes the shirt slick making it very difficult to pin the shirt down onto the pallets on the press. This may cause issues with the colours because they can print on top of one another and affect the overall look of the design. Achieving perfection is not as easy as the material makes it tough to work with.

For these reasons, it is very important that the printing company you select has the right experience and knowledge working with different materials so that your shirts are decorated in the way you want and the printer achieves the exact design you’re after. A1 Sports in Surrey specializes in screen printing and this sports store can provide you with the t-shirt you want, so contact them for more information today!